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Payroll & Employee Forms

Our office provides a variety of payroll solutions for our bookkeeping and tax clients. Please contact us if you would like more information on these services. Please note these important requirements.

  • If your business engages individuals, partnerships, or LLCs to perform any services, you will need to send a Form 1099-Misc to each one that you pay more than $600 during the calendar year. The penalty for failure to file these forms or filing them with incomplete information has increased to $500 per 1099.

    In order to document the information necessary to prepare Form 1099, you should obtain a Form W-9 from each vendor. Click here for Form W-9.

  • If your business hires employees, you are required to document their tax withholding requirements and legal status using the following forms: 
    • To document legal employment status: Form I-9
    • To document federal withholding requirements: Form W-4
    • To document state withholding requirements: Form VA-4