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Struggling with QuickBooks? We can help!

Posted by Julia W. Rogers Posted on Dec 06 2018

In 1983, a couple of young programmers released the initial version of QuickBooks. It was designed to help small business owners with their accounting using the brand new personal computer products. The initial versions were basically clumsy versions of an electronic checkbook. 

Fast forward 35 years later...QuickBooks is now available in many different versions and serves businesses from the very small to the very large. Just choosing wish version is correct for your business can be overwhelming.

Once you purchase and install the software, there are even more choices. QuickBooks has many "wizards" and help tools, but if you are unfamiliar with setting up an accounting system for a business, you may quickly go down the wrong path.

Enter QuickBooks ProAdvisors. These are professional accountants and bookkeepers that have taken special training to assist clients with QuickBooks purchasing, installation and management. Each of our staff members are certified in various versions of the ProAdvisor program and work with many different types of clients on a daily basis. We use QuickBooks in our own business and can help you run your business more effectively. Call us today - we'll help you get started on the right path.