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Why do I need a CPA?

Posted by Julia W. Rogers Posted on Mar 11 2018

It's the time of year for the barrage of advertisements for free or "inexpensive" tax preparation services. A few years ago, the ads claimed "that it doesn't take a genius to prepare your taxes". This year, the ad includes IBM Watson, indicating that perhaps some degree of genius might be required. 

Preparing basic tax returns does not require either a genius or Watson. It requires real people that listen to your concerns. It is usually by listening to our clients that we learn of new deductions or new situations that need to be addressed.

If your long term planning includes a goal to develop a strong household financial base and develop a good financial acumen, it's time to consider the services of a CPA. Whether you are starting your own business, trying to structure your investment or retirement plans, or just need to talk through your financial situation, you will find that a CPA has the skills that you will need.

No, we're probably not all geniuses - but all CPAs are required to pass the rigorous Uniform CPA exam, after completing many years of undergraduate and usually graduate level coursework. On an ongoing basis, we are required to meet certain experience requirements, licensing, and annual continuing education requirements.

We are here to listen to your concerns when your spouse passes away or your child is going through a difficult divorce. We enjoy hearing about your your new job, your new grandchild or your latest business dream - because all of that has an impact on your financial goals.

Come in...we're open for business...all year.