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Identity Theft - Yes, you too!

Posted by Julia W. Rogers Posted on Jan 04 2016

Sadly, this is no longer an elite group. Many clients are now asking what they can do - either after they have learned of a breach or proactively.

First of all, the IRS has some excellent resources. If you have been a victim or meet certain other criteria, you can consider getting an IP Pin for tax filings. They also provide a location now to include your driver's license number in the electronic data filed with your return to provide a secondary layer of identification. Find more on their website at :

Upon request, our firm provides clients with a portal for sending and receiving documents and tax returns. This is more secure and reliable than mail services. You should also consider using electronic account access for your banking and investment accounts. Be sure to save your monthly and annual account statements in pdf form - once the account is closed, the access is closed as well.

Finally, there is nothing better than common sense. Be as careful with your financial data as you would with a small child crossing a busy street. Use strong passwords and change them frequently. Scan and save all sensitive documents - shred the paper copies. Back up your computer data frequently and save a backup in your bank deposit box. Look out - a thief is coming your way!