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Tis the Season...for IRS Notices!

Posted by Julia W. Rogers Posted on June 22 2020

This is the time of year that we often see a flurry of IRS notices, and we seem to have a good crop of them this year. Most of these will fall into one of two categories.

The first type of common notices are the ones matching the information on your most recently filed return with the payments on record. They will provide a list of payments received - check this against your records. Because of the Covid-19 closures, we are seeing more of these than usual. If you mailed in a payment after mid-March, it is likely that it is still in a mailbag in a warehouse, waiting for a person to open it. Since there is no one to contact at the IRS, it is best to just wait another month or so and hope they catch up. 

The second type of common notices usually arrives about 18 months after a return filing. These are notices that are generated when the information reported on the return doesn't match the 1099s or other documents that the IRS has received. In many cases, the income has been reported, and they have failed to match it up properly. If ignored, the IRS will proceed to generate an assessment, so be sure to respond promptly.

Our team is experienced in handling these communications with the IRS. Let us know when we can assist.