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Our Love Hate Relationship with QuickBooks

Posted by Julia W. Rogers Posted on July 11 2019

Yes, we love our QuickBooks accounting products. They are versatile, they handle nearly all accounting functions for small businesses, and there are lots of apps that interface with the products. 

Yes, we hate our QuickBooks accounting products. Intuit has a monopoly on the small business accounting industry, so they can make all of their own rules. The latest change is the pricing increases that are scheduled for this summer.

Beginning in July, QuickBooks online users will see increases of up to 14 percent for their monthly fees. This means that the QuickBooks Essential with Payroll will now cost users $900 per year. The prices are higher for the more advanced plans. Many users are lulled into the online version with short term discounted plans and are then very surprised at the actual cost.

The online version can provide versatility for business owners that travel frequently and/or have multiple users accessing the system from remote locations. But, for many small businesses that are stationery or have only a single user, we strongly recommend the desktop versions of QuickBooks. The desktop versions are far more robust versions of the software and the cost is much more controllable. 

The current annual cost for QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Payroll is currently $500. Each Desktop Pro subscription can be safely used for 2-3 years without purchasing a new version so you can easily see that you get a more robust software product for up to half the price or more. If you shop around various online sites you can currently find the same product for less than $300.

If you are currently using QuickBooks online or perhaps the back of a stack of envelopes, this is an ideal time to convert to QuickBooks Desktop. The sale prices usually run through August. After August, the desktop versions will increase as well by about 25 percent!

Our office is happy to assist you in the conversion or setup of your QuickBooks accounting system. While we do encourage our clients to use the desktop version, we also support the online versions for those that need the on-the-go versatility.